Major activities;

  1. Mobilization and sensitization of farmers and CBOs on economic models of Agroforestry practices involving more farmers taken to Niger for excursion visit.
  2. Updating of Baseline survey on Agroforestry and NWFP processing
  3. Establishment of more private nurseries at the LGAs under PPP arrangements.
  4. Production of more seedlings by private nursery owners and improvement of seedling distribution to target farmers.
  5. Training of additional farmers at train-the-trainers workshop and sensitization workshops held at each LGAs on Agroforestry management practices in preparation for propagation of seedling.
  6. Improved design and fabrication of more efficient mud wood stove and training of local porters on production of improved wood stoves.
  7. Installation of new mud stove production systems at production Centres of each LGAs under PPP arrangement.
  8. Launching of NWFP processing Centres at LGAs and training of CBOs and cooperatives on processing techniques.
  9. Production of improved wood stoves at production Centres and PMU and mass dissemination of improved wood stoves to local communities.
  10. Design and construction of improved mud roasters for suya meat sellers at different locations across the LGAs.